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With more than 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on putting our in-depth knowledge of the field to work for our clients, while offering a personal touch and hands-on representation. Clients love that we are accessible, knowledgeable, experienced, and that we care.


To effectively represent clients by listening to and advising them and then meticulously executing well thought out strategies for the case at hand.

What We Offer

Representation in Drunk and Drug Driving cases including Driving under the Influence of Marijuana. We also represent clients in divorce and custody cases.

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  • When a family member called me for help, I found Mr. Reveles on Yelp. Mr. Reveles took my call and jumped in and immediately took action. Rudy’s Bulldog approach saved my family months of heartache and thousands of dollars. I was surprised at how easy to reach he was and willing to meet with us right away. Don’t be bullied by the criminal justice system! If you have a problem and need help, he is absolutely the lawyer to call.

    Criminal Defense Client – Colorado
  • I hired Mr. Reveles to represent me for a DUI and what he did for me was impressive. He took the time to listen to what happened and then did his home work. That is what got me the very best outcome I could have hoped for; DISMISSAL! Because I refused the chemical test, I lost my driving privileges at the DMV hearing, and because of his thoroughness in court he showed that there was no probable cause for a DUI I was able to get my driving privileges back. I am very happy with my choice to hire Mr. Reveles and I would recommend him to any person in need of a great attorney.

    DUI Client – Trinidad, CO


Rudy Reveles is a seasoned lawyer intent on promoting your best interests. Services include...


Rudy's "bulldog" style of legal defense makes him the ideal candidate to have in your corner, advocating for what is best for you.


Rudy's perseverance towards understanding Colorado state law translates into confidence in the court room; an expert is invaluable when faced with the law.


Both heavy subjects that require caution and consideration, Rudy's diligence towards seeking the best solution is paramount. If you want thoughtful strategies in dealing with these stressful situations, give us a call.

About Rudy



Legal Defender

Rudy Reveles has been representing clients in Pueblo, Las Animas Huerfano and Otero, counties since 1991, when he started working with the Colorado State Public Defender. He left as Office Head of the Trinidad Regional Office to work in private practice in 2000, He continues representing clients and providing the highest iquality legal services. Rudy Reveles, Attorney was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, where he graduated from High School. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he received his degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987. He attended law school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he graduated in May of 1991. He was then admitted the Colorado Bar in October of 1991. Rudy Reveles worked with the Colorado Public State Public Defender. He then left the Trinidad Regional Office of the Public Defender as Office Manager in 2000 to work in private practice.


Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

While the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012, there is still a lot of confusion and…

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