Divorce: Custody, Support, Property, Retirement

Receive superior representation in matters of family law when you turn to Rudy Reveles Law Firm in Colorado. Our firm is committed to providing its clients with exceptional and focused legal advocacy.


It’s easy to get emotional during this challenging time. Our attorney can help you focus your attentions into the most constructive way possible. Let us help you amicably resolve your case by representing you in court and assisting you with any of the following:Lively family watching TV  together

• Division of Parenting Time for Each Parent

• Decision Making—Who Can Make Decisions

• Child Support

• Relocation – Paperwork Filing & Drafting about Major Decisions Like School & Health Care

Contact our law firm in Pueblo or Trinidad, Colorado, to get the security and representation you deserve.


We provide support/maintenance help with the following:

  • Temporary Support
  • Permanent Support

Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage & Legal Separation

This can be a very difficult time for people, and you need someone to help guide you through the process and help manage your emotions. At Rudy Reveles Law Firm, we offer expert assistance with all financial matters, child custody issues, and division of all assets, including the following :

  • Personal Property
  • Retirement
  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Investment Assets